Volunteer Information

Our children are our most-prized possession.  We strive to protect our children in all areas of  life.  We at Visitation BVM are especially committed to protecting them while working with our parish ministries and at our school duties.  Our volunteers are amazing people who donate their time to help all of our children maximize their enjoyment and development – whether in school, on sports teams, in clubs, through Scouting, or any number of Parish- and School-related activities and ministries.  Volunteers are essential!

School volunteers are needed during lunch periods, at computer class, in the library, in the copy room, in the art room, for homeroom parents, for class trips, during field day, at school dances, and more.  Parish volunteers are needed throughout all areas of our church, including CYO, Scouting,  music and outreach ministries, and a multitude of special interest groups.

For the safety of our children, and in accordance with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Clearance Policy, every volunteer is required to complete the trainings, clearances and Disclosure Statement listed to the right.  For school volunteers – once you have met the requirements, you will be issued a volunteer badge which must be displayed at all times while on school grounds during the school day. If you have any questions about the requirements or about your current status, please contact hands@visitationbvmschool.org.  If you have any questions about Visitation BVM’s Safe Environment Policies and Requirements, contact Nora Anne DiLemmo at visitationbvm.seo@gmail.com.

Again, every volunteer is required to meet the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Clearance Policy. See below for specific information and the procedure for obtaining the proper clearances.


  1. Safe Environment Part I: On-Site Training – Protecting God’s Children (Virtus) - https://www.VIRTUS.org
  2. Safe Environment Part II: Online Training – Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse – https://learning.childyouthprotection.org/login/index.php
  3. Technology Addendum to Ministerial Guidelines:  For those who completed the Protecting God’s Children training prior to the technology portion being included, you must read the Technology Addendum (see link to the right) and print, sign, and return the signature page (see link to the right) to Nora Anne DiLemmo.

School Volunteers:  Contact those individuals listed below to volunteer for specific areas:

A list of volunteer areas may be viewed by clicking here.