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Visitation BVM School uses the OptionC  School Management System which provides schools across the country with features that benefit Administrators, Teachers and Parents.

School personnel and families have the convenience to access the system from home, school, office and mobile devices 24/7.  Families receive secure logins and can login anytime to see how their child is doing with assignments, grades, attendance and more.

OptionC is specific to Catholic schools with features such as links to the Vatican and Catholic news services, religious website templates, live streaming audio for Catholic radio and Catholic Saint of the Day.

As a member of Visitation BVM school, you will receive a  username and password.

For those who may have forgotten or misplaced their login information, please

e-mail optionc-help@visitationbvmschool.org for assistance.


Need to Know Information:

www.optionc.com                  School Code 8540

Click on this link to attach directly to our OptionC portal:  https://www.optionc.com/Templates/Simple/default.asp?key=8540

It is important that you review your family profile information and make corrections and/or additions to addresses, phone numbers, current email addresses, as well as change your password.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 610.539.6080