Emergency Preparedness Plans


Visitation BVM School has adopted an Emergency Preparedness Plan which includes the following aspects:

  1. Fire Guidelines
  2. Tornado Guidelines
  3. Lock-Down Mode Guidelines
  4. Unauthorized Person/Problem Patron Guidelines
  5. General On-Campus Emergency Guidelines
  6. General Off-Campus Emergency Guidelines
  7. Personal Injury Guidelines
  8. Downed Power Lines/Utility Disruption
  9. Hazardous Materials Incidents Guidelines
  10. Bomb/Bomb Threats Guidelines
  11. Complete “Shelter In Place” Guidelines/Materials

The Visitation BVM Faculty and Staff have studied and practiced these guidelines completely and with diligence.

We pray that we will never have to put into action the plans listed above; but, for the sake of our children and their safety, we are prepared to execute these plans.