School-to-family communication is a priority for Visitation BVM School.  We strive to keep families informed of all events and news that affect the safety and academic achievement of our students.  To help improve communication with families, Visitation Home and School is pleased to continue providing voice and e-mail broadcast notification using One Call Now. With One Call Now, we can quickly send voice messages, e-mail notification and SMS text messages to all school families. We will use the service for school closings, delayed openings and early dismissals due to bad weather.  We will also notify you of emergencies, cancellations, rescheduled activities and all other important school news.
PLEASE BE SURE to include at least one (1) GOOD e-mail address.  We found that sending e-mails for non-emergency notifications is less intrusive and more accepted than voice mail messages.  As in the past, voice mail messages of a NON-EMERGENCY nature will be sent at 6:00 PM.  No non-emergency messages will be sent during the school day.  E-mail messages will be sent immediately and may be received during school hours. Please complete your family’s One Call Now information (click here for a form) and return it to “One Call Now” c/o Office, Visitation BVM School.
If you have an questions or to update your information, please contact Kathy Steiert at 610-539-6080 x211 or