Administration & Staff

Position Ext Name
Main Office 1 Mrs. Theresa Conte, Admin Asst  (Ext. 210)
1 Mrs. Kathleen Steiert, Administrative Office Manager (Ext. 211)
Principal 2 Sister Mary Barbara Brahl, IHM  (Ext. 212)
Tuition Manager 3 Nora Anne DiLemmo (Ext. 213)  (Monday – Friday, 7:45 – 11:00 AM)
Absentee Line 4 Please note:  Our new phone system sometimes experiences high volume when parents are attempting to leave messages on our Absentee Line. If you cannot get through on your first attempt, please try again in a few minutes.
Nurse 5 Mrs. Irene Junior (Ext. 214)
5 Maryanne Morris (Ext. 214)
Director of Religious Education 6 Sister Diane Marie, C.S.F.N. (Ext. 215)
6 Mrs. Barbara Siso, Admin Asst
Teacher/Staff Directory 7 To leave a message for a specific teacher or staff member, press 7 and then the 3 digit extension (followed by # key)
Cafeteria 8 Aramark, Ext. 225
C.A.R.E.S. 9 Mrs. Ellen Giammarco (CARES)  (Ext. 219)
Band/Orchestra/Lessons 331 Mr. John Spangenberg
Maintenance 224 Mr. Richard Svetz


Faculty Ext Classroom (Subject) Faculty Ext Classroom (Subject) Faculty Ext Classroom (Subject)
Mary Kibe 325 K1 Carol Jeffers 309 4B Mary DeLuca 334 Pre-Kindergarten
Lydia Naples 326 K2 Alessandra Heller 315 5A Desiree Soppick 333 Art
Roanne DeSimone 303 1A Renee Golebiowski 314 5B Eileen Csongradi 328 Library
Susan Greco 327 1B Noreen Watson 318 6A Kimberly Reid 335 Honors Math
Mary Anne Warren 304 2A Rosemary Dupell 317 6B Cheryl Lemma 330 Music
Kristine Rice 306 2B Candace Giangiulio 310 7A Bill Johnson 322 Physical Education
Donna Spingler 301 3A Amy Schroeder 311 7B Dorothy Carbonaro 336 Spanish
Mary LoSardo 308 3B Jennifer Porcelli 324 8A Jennifer Barkofski 329 Technology
Audrey Stephey 312 4A Kate Poot 323 8B Mary Mueller 338 Technology Aide