About Us

Who We Are:

Since 1954, Visitation BVM School has provided a spiritually-rich learning environment where thousands of our children have flourished inside and outside the classroom. For over five decades this spiritual and academic enrichment has been realized under the stewardship of The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, along with many outstanding lay teachers who share a similar commitment to Gospel values and faith formation.
Reinforced by daily prayer and mass attendance, our students live these values every day in every class and activity-while parents confidently entrust their children to an environment where each student is nurtured and developed according to their God-given talents.

The success of Visitation BVMis equally defined by dramatic growth in its facilities as it continues to provide an environment conducive to optimal learning. In 2005 a major renovation project added nine classrooms to the junior high wing, while a state-of-the-art Library Media Center, technology Lab and Art Studio were added to serve our entire student body.  Three Middle States studies have been completed since 1985 with rankings of “outstanding” by the visiting teams of educators who have evaluated the programs, faculty, staff, students and auxiliary personnel.  Currently the School holds Middle States Accreditation through May of 2021.

Visitation continues now in the twenty-first century with growth in a rigorous and relevant education rooted in the Gospel message to go forth and preach the “Good News” of the Lord’s presence and love.