Promoting Kindness-A School-wide Initiative

Thursday, September 27, 2018 News & Updates

Visitation is promoting kindness within our school.  Every faculty member will be carrying tickets with them throughout the course of the school day.  If a teacher sees any student exhibiting kindness in any way they will award the student a ticket.  The students will sign their name on the back of the ticket and give it to their homeroom teacher.  At the end of the month each homeroom will tally their tickets.  The homeroom with the most tickets each month will receive a dress down day and a poster to display outside their classroom, designating them as the winning homeroom. As a school we would like to see an increase in kind acts and a general feeling of respect, consideration, and overall kindness shown by all the students. We will certainly be honoring our late First Grade teacher, Mrs. Gassen, when we adhere to her favorite motto which was “Because Nice Matters!”